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Romix Nutrition is a sports supplement brand that aims to help anyone and everyone enjoy the best nutrition available. Whether you’re an amateur boxer, a professional lacrosse player, or a recreational skier, we are confident we can help you whatever your goal.

Our products also cover incredible baking mixes, boasting incredibly high-protein and high-fibre nutrition claims. Great for everyday snacks that don’t compromise on health!

We have a team of scientists dedicated to making the best products available to you, including graduates in Human Nutrition and Biochemistry. Romix also works with Doctors and Competitive Bodybuilders to ensure our products are nutritionally sound.

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“As someone who loves food and all its guilty pleasures, but also someone who understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle, I couldn’t wait to bring my experience to the sports nutrition industry. Romix is about keeping fit in the tastiest way possible.”

Mick McGowan – Managing Director, Romix Foods

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Our brand was grown out of Romix Foods, a major player in the baking industry since 1968, specialising in making ingredient blends for bakeries across the UK.

One of the incredible accomplishments of Romix Foods was the pioneering of bread mixtures during the bread strikes of the 70s. This experimental forward-thinking remains today, with huge successes in eggless cakes and gluten-free mixes. And the innovation is shared with Romix Nutrition.

With the wealth of nutrition knowledge from Romix Foods, and the fresh new ideas from Romix Nutrition, our customers will continue to benefit from our success.

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We make and deliver only the best products, using only the best ingredients, from only the best suppliers. That’s the least you deserve. And we want to prove this to you…

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This is our goal, and we can show you how we’ll do it. We believe everyone deserves the best, and you can get that here. Discover how we make it happen…

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You will find our prices are the best you can get online, with no exceptions. Romix Nutrition will help your money go further. Don’t believe this? Challenge us…

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From: £ 10.00

Low-carb, high-fibre flour alternative for use in baked goods, created by Lonjevity Foods.

£ 2.99

Gluten free milled oats that mix well in shakes. Perfect for releasing energy throughout the day.

Out of stock
£ 3.99

Dextrose and Maltodextrin blend designed to energise you after exercise and replenish glycogen stores.

Sold Out
Out of stock

This product will increase your calorie intake through carbs and protein, helping you gain weight.

From: £ 12.99

Delicious whey protein concentrate, packing 20g of protein per serving with natural flavours and colours.

£ 9.99

Vegan protein alternative with a great amino acid profile. Perfect for increasing protein intake.

Out of stock
£ 8.99

Fluffy protein pancakes, packed with protein and tasting as good as pancakes you'd make at home - but easier.

Out of stock
£ 3.49

Take this carbohydrate to rapidly replenish energy levels. Great to add to post-work out shakes.