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Romix Mission

Our mission is to bring affordable sports nutrition to as many people as we can reach.

We want to help as many people as possible achieve their fitness goals. This means bringing out better value sports nutrition products than current alternatives. In our mission we also aim to improve the standard of high protein home baking products that are on the market. As part of our ambitions, we are confident that Romix Nutrition can improve the overall health of the society, which has innumerable benefits for the country.

Innovation Cycle

Innovation Cycle

The diagram to the left shows the process by which all of our products go through to enable us to push towards our mission goal. We call this the Innovation Cycle. From product development to after care, our whole process is centred around our customers, as shown in the diagram.

There are 8 steps to this cycle. Each step is shown in more detail below, each imperative to progressing our mission. Every step is made towards our goal to bring as many people as we can affordable and excellent quality sports nutrition products.

New Product Development


Our team of Biochemists, Food Nutritionists, and Doctors are dedicated to developing the best tasting nutrition products that Romix can offer.

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Romix Suppliers


As a BRC-accredited business, we follow strict procedures before we accept any supplier, so you can be sure of our high-quality ingredient standards.

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Romix Mixer


Every single product we sell to you has been manufactured on-site, keeping costs as low as possible, a saving which we promise to pass on to you.

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Romix Quality


From testing every batch, to independent laboratory analyses, we are committed to ensuring our products are of exceptional quality.

Quality Assurance
Romix Packaging


All our products are packed by the Romix team, using pouches and labels to further cut down costs and keep all product information up to date.

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Romix Pricing


Whilst investing heavily into innovation, we still offer incredible prices and the promise to beat any other website for the same product.

Price Promise
Romix Delivery


After ordering products from Romix Nutrition, our courier partners will deliver them swiftly and safely to you. Find out more details here.

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Romix Support


You can be sure that you’ll be delighted with your products. If there is a problem, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a happy customer.

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From: £ 12.99

Delicious whey protein concentrate, packing 20g of protein per serving with natural flavours and colours.

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From: £ 10.00

Low-carb, high-fibre flour alternative for use in baked goods, created by Lonjevity Foods.

Out of stock
£ 8.99

Fluffy protein pancakes, packed with protein and tasting as good as pancakes you'd make at home - but easier.

£ 3.49

Designed to rapidly restore energy levels and replace glycogen stores straight after a workout.

Out of stock
£ 3.49

Take this carbohydrate to rapidly replenish energy levels. Great to add to post-work out shakes.

£ 9.99

Vegan protein alternative with a great amino acid profile. Perfect for increasing protein intake.

Sold Out
Out of stock

This product will increase your calorie intake through carbs and protein, helping you gain weight.

Out of stock
£ 3.99

Dextrose and Maltodextrin blend designed to energise you after exercise and replenish glycogen stores.