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Romix Supports Sports

Clubs and Gym Partnerships

We want to help clubs and gyms provide better nutrition for their members and clients. We’re doing this through our Romix Supports Sports programme, which gives clubs and gyms access to great deals. Our programme complements our mission to bring sports nutrition to as many people as possible. We do this by offering the most affordable products on the market.

That’s what we’re all about, and helping sports grow is pretty much our whole ethos. We’re enabling athletes, professional and recreational alike, to reach their highest goals. And Romix Supports Sports will be crucial to this commitment.

Romix Supports Sports: Partner Benefits

Clubs and gyms that partner with us have access to fantastic deals to supply our products to their members. We subsidise the cost of our products so that you can pass on the savings to your members.

Stocking our products in your clubs and gyms is a great way of giving your members access to affordable nutrition. The more products you buy, the more you save on the products, and the more your members save.

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Romix Supports Sports: Member Benefits

In addition to this, we’ll give you unique discount codes to share with your members. Every time a member uses this code to buy our products, you’ll receive commission from the sale. We’ll also keep you updated on new products we bring out, so you can keep your members in the loop.

The more products your members buy from us, the better your commission will be. As more of your members become our customers, you’ll get some great rewards from us to say thank you. Romix Supports Sports aims to help you grow as we grow ourselves.

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Does my Club or Gym Qualify?

We encourage you to get involved with Romix Supports Sports, whatever your club. Every club and gym can qualify, whether you’re a professional hockey club, university lacrosse team, or local gym owner. When you apply, we’ll ask you a couple of questions, just to verify the partnership.

What sports does your club participate in?
Where is your club based?
How many members does your club have?

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We'd Love to Hear from You

If you’re part of a club and think you and your team can benefit from a partnership with Romix Nutrition, get in touch!

Our aim is to support as many clubs as possible, which is in line with our mission to improve the fitness of as many people as we possibly can. If you want to be part of this, email us at

We can’t wait to hear from you!