Ronnie and Niki Racing

Meet our Mascots

Dive into the world of the Romix Nutrition mascots, Ronnie Romix and Niki Nutrition!

Explore our web pages and discover Ronnie and Niki taking part in loads of different sports. From hockey to quidditch, Ronnie and Niki play a huge number of different sports. Whatever sport you play, and at whatever level, we are sure we can help your game.


Why did you create these mascots?

We wanted to create a memorable personality to our brand, and we think our sporty characters embody the essence of fitness. Whilst they are dedicated, like everyone they might good at some things, and not so good at others. But despite this, at their minimum, Ronnie and Niki will always try something once! Give everything a go – that’s our belief at Romix.

Why are they called Ronnie and Niki?

Ronnie and Niki both have special names, chosen with a lot of careful thinking. Both names have extremely powerful and relevant meanings. Ronnie is a nickname for both Veronica and Ronald. Veronica is derived from the Greek name Pherenīkē, which means ‘bearer of victory’. Ronald comes from the Norse Rögnvaldr, with elements meaning ‘advice’ and ‘ruler’. This epitomises the philosophy of Romix. We are here to offer support, but we also show that we can be a leader in the sports nutrition industry. Niki is the short name for a whole host of names, varying from Nicholas to Nicole. It derives its name from the Greek word nike, meaning victory. This is what we are striving for you to achieve: becoming victorious in your goals.

What sports do Ronnie and Niki play?

Our Mascots participate in all sorts of sports. You can look all around our site, on our packaging, and in our branding. Any time you see Ronnie or Niki, they’ll be pictured playing a different sport. For example, on the About Us page, you’ll find Ronnie doing Karate, and you’ll see Niki as a Boxer. Browse our site to discover all of the sports that our Mascots are involved in.

What genders are Ronnie and Niki?

The Romix Nutrition mascots have not been assigned genders. We love Ronnie and Niki so much because they have unisex names. This follows our philosophy at Romix for being inclusive, as we believe sports nutrition is for everyone.


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